Haida Gwaii Regional Recreation Commission

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Our Mission:

The Haida Gwaii Regional Recreation Commission promotes and provides leisure and recreation opportunities to the residents of Haida Gwaii.


Get Involved

Recreation is for everyone!

Our door is always open to help support you and your community event or program. Looking to develop a program, work towards becoming an instructor, or obtain recreational training? Give us a call!

From insurance to advertising, handling registration, training and certification opportunities, letters of support, or providing you with an affordable space, HG Recreation is here to provide and promote recreational opportunities across Haida Gwaii. We are always open to talk, and are available four days a week to make a plan and make it work.

Youth Sponsorship

HG Rec. has a Youth Sponsorship Fund

We have at least one spot (and sometimes more) in every HG Rec. Program that we can partially or fully fund. Give us a call and tell us the program your child is interested in and we will help you ease your way into your desired program.


Volunteer with HG Rec.

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The Haida Gwaii Recreation Commission is a non-profit society operated by a volunteer board of directors.
Our mandate is to provide recreational opportunities to all communities on Haida Gwaii.
Help us serve the island community- volunteer at an event or as a board member!


Community Drop In Program Volunteers

The Community Drop In Program Volunteers are the catalysts for evening recreational activities in our communities. They are always on site at the booked venue to ensure that the programs are run smoothly, collect the twoonie fees for the programs and hold valid first aid certificates.
If you would like to volunteer to be a coordinator for a sport in your community call HG Rec. at 1-888-557-4418 or 256-626-5652 or email us at qcirec@gmail.com



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